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Welcome to the First Ultimate Global University  
Get ready to experience a new type of University, one focused on making you the best you can be at your favorite activities. FUGU gives you in-depth, immersive education taught by top experts in Sports & Games, Arts & Entertainment, Self-Improvement and Business topics. Each lesson incorporates high-quality video, informational slides, moderated forums, student chat, print-outs, and more to give you a one-of-a-kind learning experience. You can even test, get credit hours and get certified in your topic! There are quite a few free lessons and many others available for a small fee. All of the courses and lessons are 100% guaranteed. You own your lessons and can watch them as many times as you wish. Registration is completely free - get started today!
  Enrollment in FUGU Universities: 178,103 Students from 224 Countries, Territories and Regions (and Counting!)
FUGU Partners With Ginastica Natural to Create Online Ginastica Natural University
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Courses & Lessons
Featured Courses Free Lessons
Racquetball with Jim Winterton
Hall of Fame Racquetball coach, Jim Winterton, teaches the inner secrets of playing racqetball for both court success and fitness.
Introduction to Pumpkin Sculpting
Terri Hardin introduces the art of pumpkin sculpting. She covers how to choose the right pumpkin, how to set up, and how to make sure you're properly prepared to begin your sculpting project.
Skimboarding with Paulo Prieto
If you've ever skimboarded or watched skimboarders as they launch off the lip of a breaking wave you've probably got a sense of the challenge and excitement of this up and coming sport.

All About the Pogo Stick
Bruce and Brian cover the history of pogo sticking and the hobby's evolution into an extreme sport. It also goes into the health benefits of pogoing, its popularity, world records and basic bouncing techniques. This is a great primer for anyone interested in the pogo stick.
Comprehensive Basketball with Magic Johnson
This series of online lessons is for the player looking to perfect his or her basketball game by learning from the game's best. Learn inside tips and techniques on ball handling, passing, shooting, post moves and defense.
Preventing Heart Disease
Heart disease and strokes cause more death and disability than any other medical condition -- more than all cancers combined. This show reviews everything from what causes heart disease to the things that can be done to prevent it.
Bellydance with Aubre
Bellydancing is an art form that has roots at the beginning of history. Join Aubre, the internationally known dance performer and instructor, as she takes you on a journey exploring the secrets of this ancient art.
Decision Mapping Overview
Mark Mansfield delves into the basic strategies and techniques of business decision mapping. He presents what it is, why it's necessary and how you engage in it.
Tennis for Kids with Jimmy Connors
Tennis for Kids teaches the basic skills that every kid should master to begin playing the game. Jimmy is joined by Tracy Austin as they cover the mechanics and core elements of tennis.
Introduction to Darbuka
The Darbuka has a long history and has been used as a primary percussion instrument in many countries. This lesson covers the history of the Darbuka and the basics of properly holding the instrument.
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Learning Tracks
Sports & Games
The Sports & Games Track has in-depth instruction on Racquet Sports, Action Sports, Ball Sports, and more. Learn from top experts in Racquetball, Tennis, Skimboarding, Basketball, even Pogo Sticking!
The Business Track focuses on education in Strategy and other topics with new courses coming soon. Look here for courses such as Business Planning .
Self Improvement
The Self Improvement Track includes interactive courses on Health and Fitness. Leading experts in these fields teach lessons on Managing Your Health and Yoga for Real Guys.
Arts & Entertainment
Arts & Entertainment is where you'll find the immersive education on Dance, Music and Crafts. Be sure to check out the high-level courses on Bellydance, Exotic Dance, Darbuka and Pumpkin Sculpting.
Top 5 Reasons to Learn Online with FUGU
1.   Immersive Learning
Every FUGU lesson is fully interactive and incorporates video, slides, printouts, forums and peer chat. There is a timeline, chapters and bookmarks that let you jump to the section your want to review. There's even an integrated Progress Tracker you can use to keep notes and your lesson and rate your confidence level. This is learning for the 21st Century.
2.   Leading Experts
Our experts are tops in their respective fields. These are individuals that have spent enormous amounts of time becoming the best they can be and are now here at FUGU to pass the knowledge they've gained on to you.
3.   Ask Questions
FUGU forums are moderated forums where your questions are handled by knowledgeable experts in the topic. Each question is forwarded to specific topic expert who determines the best response.
4.   Learn At Your Own Pace and Convenience
Our online education system gives you the ability to learn at your own speed. You can view the lessons as many times as you wish and you progress to the next lesson at your pace.
5.   100% Guarantee
If you purchase a course or lesson and are not completely satisfied after sampling it, contact us and we will refund your purchase in full. Your satisfaction is what is important to us.
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Partner Schools
Gracie University
Learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu from the family that created it.
A complete bullyproof system designed to keep you child safe.
ACT Cert
ACT Cert offers education and tools that address the issues of violence and terrorism.
MartialSkill University
Study Chinese Martial Arts with top experts.
Perfect! Thank you for creating EXACTLY what I have needed and wanted!
- Jeremiah
I'm telling all my friends....great site!!
- Glen
The quality, conciseness and content of the training is excellent.
- Gary
Congratulations for your website it is awesome, I'm a Mexican racquetball player and I think this is a great help for all players, thanks and I'll help spread the word of course.
- Claudia
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