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Dynamic Defensive Pistol: Tac-Tan Belt

In this course, George Wehby, Black Belt Tactical Chief Instructor, teaches you core handgun techniques.

Northern Praying Mantis Level 1

This course covers the first level of the Seven Star/Northern Praying Mantis system.

Fundamentals of Racquetball

In this course, Rocky Carson, teaches you what it takes to win at racquetball.

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Introduction to YRG

YRG is the perfect fusion of old school calisthenics and core stability training, along with the hot new concept of isometric and isokinetic strength training.


Understanding Racquetball

This lesson covers the basics of racquetball.  You will learn about Rocky Carson's background, the game of racquetball, equipment, the court, key rules, fitness, and what to expect in this course.


Introduction to Black Belt Tactical

In this lesson we discuss the need to address our personal safety. We will go over what will be covered in the course, and the way that Black Belt Tactical works.


Managing Your Health

Learn how to lower your cholesterol, prevent heart disease, and manage high blood pressure with Dr. Jay Johnson.

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