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This is a new type of University, one focused on making you the best you can be in the real-world subjects you care about. FUGU offers in-depth, immersive education taught by top experts in Sports, Personal Improvement, Creating, Performance, Beauty, Fashion, Romance, Business, and more. Each interactive lesson incorporates professional video, slides, forums, chat, printouts, bookmarks, notes, and other tools to give you a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Learn, test, and get certified on what you want, when you want, where you want! You own your lessons and can view them as often as you wish. Registration is completely free – get started today!

  Enrollment in FUGU Universities:  217,611 Students from 231 Countries, Territories and Regions (and Counting!)

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Sports & Recreation

The Sports & Recreation Track features top Subject Experts teaching you how to excel in your athletic endeavors.  Courses include Skimboarding, Wrestling, Basketball, Yoga, Tennis, Racquetball, and more.

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Personal Improvement

Improve your life in the Personal Improvement Track.  You will find in-depth courses taught by top Subject Experts covering Wealth, Health, and other areas that will enrich your daily life.

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The Creative Track includes courses from leading Experts that teach you the proper methods of making something out of nothing.  Right now there's a special course on Pumpkin Sculpting with more to come.

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Learn how to perform from leading talent.  Whether it is Dance, Music, Comedy, or Acting, this track is the place to study, test, and get certified.  Check out the current courses on Bellydance and Darbuka.

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Beauty & Fashion

Be the most beautiful person you can be with the Beauty & Fashion Track.   This track will soon feature professional courses on cosmetology, fashion design, personal grooming, and more.

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Learn how to have a successful romance from leading Subject Experts. Future courses will include learning how to make a marriage work, learning how to find the perfect mate, and much more.

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Learn the secrets of Business from top Subject Experts.  The Business Track will feature courses on Entrepreneurship, Management, Business Strategy, and more.   

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Regardless of your religion or beliefs the Faith Track will help you discover deeper meaning and truth.  Courses will include spiritual guides, courses focused on specific religions, and more.  

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Want to take your pet to the next level?   The Pets Track has you covered with Courses from top Subject Experts.  Courses will include Security Dog Training, Competition Training, Advanced Pet Care, and more.

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