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Core Pogo Sticking

Learn the tips, tricks and techniques of extreme pogo sticking from the experts.

Instructor: Aubre Hill


Learn the art of Bellydance from internationally known dance instructor and performer, Aubre.

Instructor: Amir Sofi

Darbuka: Percussion Training

Amir Sofi, renowned percussion performer, teaches the methods of playing the Darbuka.

Instructor: Paulo Prietto


Learn skimboarding tips, tricks and techniques from Paulo Prietto.

Instructor: Terri Hardin

Pumpkin Sculpting

Sculptor Terri Hardin shows you step-by-step how to sculpt an amazing pumpkin that will stop trick-or-treaters in their tracks.

Instructor: Jay Johnson, MD

Managing Your Health

Learn how to lower your cholesterol, prevent heart disease, and manage high blood pressure with Dr. Jay Johnson.

Instructor: Diamond Dallas Page

YRG Workout

Enjoy increased flexibility, endurance, strength, stress reduction, and a low impact, high cardio workout.

Instructor: Tom Howard

Ultimate Pro-Wrestling Training

To Perform like a Champion you must practice like one!

Instructor: George Wehby

Dynamic Defensive Pistol: Tac-Tan Belt

In this course, George Wehby, Black Belt Tactical Chief Instructor, teaches you core handgun techniques.

Instructor: Rocky Carson

Fundamentals of Racquetball

In this course, Rocky Carson, teaches you what it takes to win at racquetball.

Instructor: Sean Daily

Northern Praying Mantis Level 1

This course covers the first level of the Seven Star/Northern Praying Mantis system.

Instructor: Sean Daily

Northern Praying Mantis Level 2

This course covers level 2 of the Seven Star/Northern Praying Mantis system.